Artist | Female | Painter | Bi-racial | Young

Cara Roberts graduated from The School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston in affliation with Tufts University in 2004. She graduated with the Pegasus Prize and the Dana Pond Award which were two of the highest accolades to be reciecved. Her artistic education did not start there however, she attended The School for Creative and Perfoming Arts high school in Cincinnati, Ohio where she attended grades 7 through 12.  She became a Yale canidate after graduating from Tufts but did not persue it any further. 

After college she returned to her hometown of Cincinnati and worked as a studio artist and supported herself working at a small interior design firm.  Shortly after returing she married the love of her life, a militarty man and moved all over.  Currently, she has a studio at her home that she works out of in the northern suburbs of Philadelphia.

Most of her work is autobiographical in the sense that she uses herself for imagery and as the eyes to view culture.  Sharing the experiences she has had growing up as a biracial child in a race that was not her own informs much of her work.  She has had many surreal experiences from being the “invisible” person in the room, having a position as a biracial woman gives her a special insight at the evolution of America.  Cara realizes that she has a special place in this conversation and is interested in how color and race coexist, she believes there is a rainbow being formed out there.  The seduction that fashion has on all these race and social bounderies facinates her and drives her to continue the conversation that she has in her work. She includes the desires that absences and imagination bring to her within this and shows us her view of it all.

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